“Home Barista Challenge” FAQs

13 May 2020

Do I have to have a coffee machine to enter?

No, you don’t need to have a coffee machine. If you have been making coffee without a machine, show us how!


What if I want to use alternative milks in my entry e.g. Soy, Oat, Almond etc.

Riverina Fresh milks are available in Gold, Full Cream, Light, Skim, Lactose Free and Lactose Free – Light, but if you prefer a dairy free alternative when you are making coffee at home, please feel free to include it in your entry.


I drink black coffee, can I enter?

Yes, we will accept videos demonstrating how you’ve been making any style of coffee. We’re hoping to see examples of espressos, Ristrettos, Long blacks, batch brews, stovetops and more!


Do I have to feature a milk carton?

If you are submitting a milk-based coffee, you will need to include a bottle of Riverina Fresh in the video.


Where can I find Riverina Fresh milk?

Throughout the Riverina you will find Riverina Fresh milk in Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Foodworks and other small independents.

In wider NSW and ACT you will find our milk in Woolworths stores and selected independents. In Victoria you will find our lactose-free milks in Woolworths.

Our milk is also available through many of our café customers throughout these regions – please contact us and we will let you know your nearest café stocking Riverina Fresh.


What if I can’t access Riverina Fresh milk?

If you can’t access Riverina Fresh milk, please contact us and we will point you to the nearest location it is available. If there doesn’t happen to be a retailer near you then you mustn’t include milk in your entry.


Does the set-up have to be LaMarzocco etc?

No, your set-up can be anything you have been using during Isolation to make coffee at home.


Does it matter what kind of coffee beans I use?

No, you can use any form of coffee that you like.


Can I submit ways I have been making instant coffee at home?

Yes. You are being judged on your set up, process, technique and creativity – we would love to see if you can make an instant coffee stand out!


Can I submit a picture instead of a video?

No, we are only accepting submissions in video format.


How long does the video need to be?

It can be any length you like. Instagram allows videos for up to 1 minute in length, but if your video is longer we suggest you upload it to Facebook or Instagram story.


Can I enter more than once?

You may enter as many times as you like following the submission criteria.


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