Riverina Fresh reveal their digital transformation utilising Rayven’s AI and IoT technology.

21 April 2021

Riverina Fresh and Rayven, the real-time AI and IoT solution delivery platform, have revealed details of their transformation initiative and how Riverina Fresh has been using the Rayven platform to deliver it.


  • Riverina Fresh have been undertaking a digital transformation project with the aim of uncovering efficiencies and improvements, which led us to exploring how we could utilise IoT technology to provide real-time metrics and optimisation abilities on the production floor.
  • Riverina Fresh selected Rayven as the AI and IoT platform of choice, working together to develop and deploy a solution that has enabled us to adopt a predictive and preventative maintenance regime on key machinery, increasing uptime, output, and utilisation.
  • Rob Collier, CEO of Riverina Fresh, outlined forthcoming developments utilising the Rayven AI and IoT platform to include the development of new real-time analytics capabilities.

Rob Collier, CEO of Riverina Fresh, outlined the business’ transformation initiative “Improving uptime, productivity and reducing waste is a key goal within agribusiness and food production. A lot of businesses are operating with old, outdated technology that needs modernising and we wanted to explore what IoT technology could do to help us with our digital transformation.”

Riverina Fresh identified the need to provide staff on the production floor with accurate, real-time metrics on what is happening during operation. John English, the Engineering and Production Manager at Riverina Fresh, outlined the organization’s initial challenges “Over the years, we’ve had a lot of success in identifying the causes of major downtime events, but found it increasingly difficult to uncover the causes of high-frequency, short stoppages which were affecting output and, ultimately, our production plan.”

Rayven were introduced to Riverina Fresh by Bridge Hub, who promote innovations and technology of importance to agri-food businesses in Australia and were selected to deliver Riverina Fresh’s IoT solution.

Paul Berkovic, CCO of Rayven, outlined the solution “Rayven is an industrial AI and IoT platform, designed to be hyper-flexible and quick-to-deploy so that businesses can take advantage of their real-time data by better monitoring, managing and optimising their assets and operations.

“We collaborated with the team at Riverina Fresh to come up with a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their operations and existing machinery, retrofitting sensors and technologies without disrupting what they do. Our speed to deployment, simplicity of use and the platform’s ability to easily integrate with existing infrastructure and be customised to provide the metrics needed made us a great fit.”

Rob Collier, further described the solution “We see the Rayven platform as a key part of our digital transformation. Beyond aggregating real-time and historical data from different machines and production lines into a single dashboard, we’ve integrated our SCADA solution and now have live saleable volume measures, as well as diagnostic metrics on critical machinery, meaning that we’ve been able to put in place a predictive and preventative maintenance regime.”

“The key achievements and benefits derived from the IoT solution include increasing our run-time and throughput, with an additional gain expected as the team use the new metrics to track and improve changeover between products. We’re also future-fit and excited to see what we can do both internally and with the Rayven platform.”

Paul Berkovic said of the IoT space, “Industrial IoT can be really complex and very expensive. At Rayven, we make it much easier and more affordable for businesses to get started, so that they can realise the potential within their organisation, minimise risk and deliver meaningful outcomes as quickly as possible.”

Rob Collier said in closing, “As for what comes next, our transformation journey continues and we want to build on the solution to further improve our operations, particularly our information flows and our analytical capabilities.”

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