Lactose Free Milk – Did you know?

01 May 2020

For some people dairy products are off the table. Even milk in a coffee can trigger digestive stress in those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

But if you are lactose intolerant, milk doesn’t have to be off the table completely. Lactose free milk is a delicious option that not only retains the great taste of regular milk but also helps eliminate abdominal discomfort.

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose is a naturally occurring sugar that is found in milk and other products containing milk. When you have lactose intolerance, you’re unable to digest lactose, the results of which can cause unpleasant symptoms.

Lactose intolerance is the most common food intolerance in Australia. Approximately 4% of Australians are reported to suffer from lactose intolerance, with a larger number of women accounting for this figure.[i]

It’s important to note that lactose intolerance and dairy allergies are two very different things. With a lactose intolerance, your body doesn’t produce enough lactase to digest lactose, which only affects digestion. With a dairy allergy, your immune system is involved.

For more information on Lactose Intolerance, download the detailed PDF from the Gastroenterological Society of Australia: Lactose Intolerance Info

Lactose free milk explained

Lactose Free milk is made with regular cow’s milk. Where it differs is that it has had the enzyme lactase added which breaks down the lactose in milk, making it both easier to digest and helping in avoiding the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance such as stomach pain and nausea.

Lactose free milk is produced by adding lactase to regular milk which breaks down the lactose into two sugars, glucose and galactose. The total amount of sugar in the milk remains the same and no additional sugar is added, but the milk does typically taste a little sweeter.

Award winning lactose free milk

Riverina Fresh Lactose Free Milk has been carefully developed to deliver the same great taste, mouthfeel and consistency of the wider Riverina Fresh range of milks.

Available in Full Cream and Light, both in a 2L bottle. The Full Cream milk which took home a gold medal at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) NSW Awards 2019, is a full bodied and fresh flavoured milk. The Light milk which took home a silver medal, has the same full-bodied flavour with less than 1.5% fat.

Riverina Fresh Lactose Free is the perfect milk for pairing with coffee. It delivers consistent taste, texture and stretching ability.

It is available in wider NSW and in selected Woolworths stores throughout VIC.
For a free trial in your café, please contact Riverina Fresh on 1800 993 081 or online at Maximum of 2 mixed crates per store.


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